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Xeno Crisis Support on Project64 Legacy Update

Here is Gent playing Xeno Crisis with his newly created cheat support using Icepir8s LLE video. Enjoy!

Working on Xeno Crisis 64 Support

Icepir8 and Gent have been working tirelessly to get this great game supported as promised to Matt and the rest of the guys at Bitmap Bureau. More information, video and release news to follow,

The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask (CHN) (iQue)


Here is a quick glimpes of The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask (CHN) (iQue) runing on Project64 Legacy with cheat support. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Project64 1.6.2 Alpha (WIP) Available

Project64 1.6.2 Alpha (WIP) Package is available from the Dev Board Download Section

Changes Include:

  • Now supports Rom / Zip Drag and Drop Load
  • Correction to dlist wait hack for Wave Race 64 iQue
  • Use a different method to wait for the emulation thread to exit
  • Fix for debugger window sizes
  • Fix a crash in the memory dumper when not using the recompiler CPU

There is also a fairly major refactor to the memory viewer. Contextual coloring follows the precedent set by the cheat search, with red indicating a value has decreased, and green indicates an increase. New here are colors for watchpoints, which use an underlined font: Magenta = write, blue = read, violet = read/write. The primary changes are listed below:

  • Disabled column resizing
  • Added auto refresh thread to redraw the memory view every 150ms
  • Added support for scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Added contextual coloring
  • Fixed garbage in the ASCII view
  • Fixed some styling issues
  • Default address is 0x80000000 [parasyte]
  • Fix D1 and D3 code type handling [parasyte]
  • Fixed memory viewer bugs [parasyte]
  • Fixed manufacturer decoding in ROM info
  • Added release version and SDK version to ROM info and Browser
  • Added China to known countries list
  • Draw word separators in the memory viewer
  • Fixed sorting in ROM browser
  • Updated old domain URL's to new domain

Add minimize button to dialog windows

  • Cheat Menu
  • r4300i Commands
  • r4300i Registers
  • Breakpoints
  • TLB Entries

Added to Basic Mode:

  • File/Rom Information
  • Options/Configure RSP Plugin
  • Help/About INI Files


  • synched rom browser and main emulation windows.
  • fixed window drift when taskbar is on the top or left. (Jabo D3D Video still has issues)

This is an Alpha "Work In Progress" And by no means a finished project, so expect bugs and various other issues. If you would like to report any issues you can do so via the Dev Boards Project 64 1.6.x Dev Section

iQue Game Manuals On Project64 Legacy 1 6 2

Here are the iQue Game Manuals being loaded and viewed in Project64 Legacy 1.6.2

Paper Mario iQue - Signs of life

Sorry about Gent's system, it truly sucks for taking video capture! Anyway, Paper Mario CHN (iQue). "It's Alive!" lol Gent also refrained from showing off the added cheat support for the game, that must have hurt! He is not a fan of the game lmao.

Wipeout 64 E Region Fixed on Project64 1 6 2 Alpha

We are proud to announce Wipeout 64 (E) Region has now been Fixed on Project64 1.6.2 Alpha. The game is now playable without controls locking up after winning a race. Legacy, keeping the dream alive!

Working on Intergrated Online RDX

Here is a little sneak at the Intergrated online RDX in Legacy.


Icepir8s Legacy Plugin Combo

Introducing the Exciting Combination of Icepir8s-Legacy-LLE Video Plugin and Icepir8s-Legacy-RSP, Demonstrated on Project64 Legcay Alpha 1.6.2

Stunt Racer 64
World Driver Championship
Ridge Racer 64
Beetle Adventure Racing
Mario Tennis

Stunt Racer Gameplay by our very own Icepir8:


World Driver Championship Gameplay by our very own Icepir8:


Ridge Racer 64 Gameplay by our very own Icepir8:


Beetle Adventure Racing Gameplay by our very own Icepir8:


Mario Tennis Gameplay by our very own Icepir8:



Stunt Racer 64 on PJ64 Legacy

Gent's new favorite N64 Game, obviously now it has been given the Gent treatment ;) Sorry for the slow downs, but my GFX suffers when recording.

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