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Project64 1.6 Plus has been released

Project64 1.6  Plus - For Windows XP and above (30th June 2024)

What is this about?

Project64 1.6 Plus is a free and source-available emulator for the Nintendo 64 and It is written in C/C++ currently only for Windows.

The project is a feature & vulnerability update fix of the original Project 64 1.6 source.
It is targeted at the communities that still desire to use 1.6's ability to play Rom Hacks and a-like because of an incorrect core that lets a lot of things slide when it comes to compatibility.

This is not intended for development use or is it a modernised 1.6 core, it is just a "Safety Fix"
For its loyal users and some added features that they may enjoy.

## Changes

- Arbitrary code vulnerability fix.

    TLB miss in write opcodes are now generating exceptions as expected. This solves a vulnerability that can allow roms
    to run arbitrary code in previous releases.  
- TLB: extra checks for overflow buffer mapping for user TLB entries

    Adds an extra check for user mapping TLB further than allowed buffer size.

- Retain 1.6 original ROM Hack compatibility

- Advance Mode enabled by default (allowing ) [to name a few]

  - File/Rom Information
  - System/Screenshot Capture
  - Options/Configure RSP Plugin
  - Help/About INIFiles

- Save/load states (10 extra than original release)
- Game Information in File & Rom Browser (Popup Menu)
- Good Name replaced by Game Name in RDB & Browser Tab.
- Internal Name replaced by File Name in Title Bar when emulating.
- New Entry uses File name not Internal Name to add to Game Name in RDB
- Rom Browser uses File name to display a game not currently in RDB with the status of unknown,
  but once added to the RDB it will use the Game Name= instead.
- Always remember cheats as default so user don't have to re-enable after every close
- Max 10 Recent Roms as default
- Max 10 Recent Rom Dir as default
- Rom Dir Recursion as default, this allows sub-directories to be included in rom browser
- Jabo specific pemrcheats read from the jabo.ini so they do not effect other plugins as no longer enabled in the rdb.
- Display build date and time in About dialog title bar for easy build version recognition
- Uninstall registry settings and delete Project64,cache from Help/Uninstall Application Settings
- Uninstall Jabo registry settings from Help/Uninstall Jabo Plugin Settings
- Added AziAudio_Legacy.dll as default Audio plungin
- Added NRage_Legacy_Input.dll as default input plgin
- Added Legecy No Audio plugin

Greets and Thanks:

Once again we would like to give a Big Thanks to all who assisted in the journey of Project64 1.6 Plus on Discord, and a special thanks to Fanatic 64, Derek "Turtle" Roe, Bruce Shankle IV & aglab2 for their support and tireless testing/checking to help make this available for everyone.

This was a true trip down memory lane for us mixed with Old and New Dev Teams combined!

Much respect and good wishes to all in the MiB64 Dev Discord Server.

You can grab the release on our Github Releases Section.


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