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Project64 Legacy v1.6.3 - Final

It has been a long journey but we have got there!
We set out to finish what we started and surpassed it.

So with that in mind, the Project64 Legacy project is at an end.

This final release includes the following changes:


Arbitrary code vulnerability fix.

tlb miss in write opcodes are now generating exceptions as expected. This solves a vulnerability that can allow roms
to run arbitrary code in previous releases.


Basic Mode Update:

Enabled Add New, Edit & Delete Cheats

Enabled File/Screenshot Capture

Enabled Settings/Configure RSP Plugin,

Enabled Help/About INIFiles

Enabled File/Rom Information.

Enabled Setting Dialogues available in Full-screen with shortcut keys

Enabled Configure Graphics Plugin (CTRL+V)

Enabled Configure Audio Plugin (CTRL+U)

Enabled Configure Controller Plugin (CTRL+X)

Enabled Configure RSP Plugin (CTRL+W)

Enabled Settings(CTRL+T)


Icepir8's Legacy LLE Plugin Ver: 0.3.2

Enable Vsync is disabled by default to assist lower spec systems.

Render Mode drop down: OpenGL/DirectX8 (Beta) (DX8 also assists lower spec systems)

Added Embedded RSP HLE Handling.

Added the ability to save setting per rom


Azimer's Audio_Legacy Audio to v0.70.10c

Removed validation checks to DS8 to prevent JaboSound issues

This fixes the issue with select rom directory hanging

Default Backend Sound Driver now DirectAudio Driver

Added the ability to save setting per rom


You can grab the release on our Github Releases Section.


Regards PJ64LegacyTeam

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