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Full Version: Welcome to the Project64 Legacy Alpha & Beta Dev Section
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Welcome and we are very pleased you could join us.

Here in the Dev Section is where we will be conducting 1.6.2 Alpha development

Below you will find a package zip of the latest Application and Files needed.

[attachment=845] Current Version: 29th August 2022 Version: 1 New
  • Now supports Rom / Zip Drag and Drop Load
  • Correction to dlist wait hack for Wave Race 64 iQue
  • Use a different method to wait for the emulation thread to exit
  • Fix for debugger window sizes
  • Fix a crash in the memory dumper when not using the recompiler CPU
  • Updated old domain URL's to new domain
There is also a fairly major refactor to the memory viewer. Contextual coloring follows the precedent set by the cheat search, with red indicating a value has decreased, and green indicates an increase. New here are colors for watchpoints, which use an underlined font: Magenta = write, blue = read, violet = read/write. The primary changes are listed below:
  • Disabled column resizing
  • Removed the useless close button
  • Added auto refresh thread to redraw the memory view every 150ms
  • Added support for scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Added contextual coloring
  • Fixed garbage in the ASCII view
  • Fixed some styling issues
  • Default address is 0x80000000 [parasyte]
  • Fix D1 and D3 code type handling [parasyte]
  • Fixed memory viewer bugs [parasyte]
  • Fixed manufacturer decoding in ROM info
  • Added release version and SDK version to ROM info and Browser
  • Added China to known countries list
  • Draw word separators in the memory viewer
  • Fixed sorting in ROM browser
Add minimize button to dialog windows
  • Cheat Menu
  • r4300i Commands
  • r4300i Registers
  • Breakpoints
  • TLB Entries
Gent wanted this for better fullscreen UX.

Added to Basic Mode:
  • File/Rom Information
  • Options/Configure RSP Plugin
  • Help/About INI Files
  • synched rom browser and main emulation windows.
  • fixed window drift when taskbar is on the top or left. (Jabo D3D and Rice Video still have issues)