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Full Version: Cube Demo by MSFTUG Observations
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RadeonUser has been on a Fact Ending / Crusade in regards to Cube Demo by MSFTUG (PD), below are his findings.

Cube Demo by MSFTUG (PD) has four versions, the good version, and [a1], [b1], and [b2]
  • a1 = Bad header (0x0 through 0x18 appear to be in v64 format but the rest is in z64, big endian)
  • b1 = Has an internal name, also 0x3b, 0x3c, 0x3d are Ddf (Disk not Cart) respectively (Versus 0 on the others)
  • b2 = Has an internal name
Rad requests that I internally rename as follows:

MSFTUG (PD)  [b1] to [a1]
MSFTUG (PD)  [b2] to [a2]
MSFTUG (PD)  [a1] to [b1]
morphdemo.n64 is also the same as Cube Demo, so i have renamed it in the RDS to Cube Demo (morphdemo) (PD)