The Project64 terms and conditions are detailed in the authors' document, README.TXT, which is in your Project64 folder. Please read that document now if you have not already.

To clarify some points:

  • You may NOT repackage Project64 (add, remove, alter files) without the authors' permission - this INCLUDES distribution of Jabo's and Zilmar's plugins seperately - they are a part of Project64. It's also best for users if they get the complete package and documentation. You are welcome to distribute the original archive as long as you do not charge for it.
  • About the source code: The license does NOT require you to publicly release the source to any binaries that you made using Project64 source code. The Project64 authors ask only that you send them a copy of the modified source if they ask for it.

About this file: This document only covers official Project64 releases, and was written by Smiff for the official Project64 v1.5 release. Any other versions of Project64 available may differ in any number of ways, and this help file may not apply - please refer to the documentation included with them.

GUI text referred to in this document may differ from what you actually see in the emulator, depending on your language options and translations file you have installed. I have referred to my own text, which is available by making "English alternative" your language choice ("English" is the original application GUI text).

Anyone may translate and distribute the translation of part or all of this documentation for the purpose of assisting Project64 users who do not read English. Try to preserve the original meaning of the text as far as possible (do not add or subtract without clear annotation) and credit the source.

Thank you for respecting all this.

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