Project64 Legacy 1.6.2 was released as an inclusive archive. We recommend you download Project64 from the Project64 Legacy Homepage (see Web Links) or an official mirror to be sure you have the complete and unaltered package.

In simple terms, you get:

  • the applications Windows 7 and up / Windows XP
  • the settings files (.rds, .cdb, .rdi etc.) and some language files
  • 3 audio plugins (one is a dummy "No audio" plugin)
  • 3 video plugins
  • 2 input plugins
  • 2 RSP plugins
  • the plugin specifications (for plugin developers)
  • authors' readme and whatsnew text files
  • documentation folder containing contributors' docs

You do not get any games included! Do not ask us for games! See this page.

The Project64 Legacy source code is available from our Github. Contributors are always welcome!

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