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Project64 1.6.x (Legacy) Credits
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Zilmar (Tooie): Founder. Core, Application programmer 1.0-1.4, (1.5), 1.6

Jabo: Video, Audio, Input plugin programmer 1.0-1.6.1

Witten: Application, Core programmer for 1.5-1.6.1, Bug tracking, testing, suggestions, end user support 1.0-1.6.x Legacy

RadeonUser: Application, Core programmer for 1.6.1, Bug tracking, esting, suggestions, end user support 1.0-1.6.x Legacy

Gent: Application, database and web development, Bug tracking, testing, suggestions & end usersupport. 1.0-1.6.x Legacy

Smiff: Bug tracking, testing, suggestions 1.0-1.5 rdb and end user support 1.0-1.6

Azimer: Application, Core programmer, Audio plugin programmer for 1.4-1.6.x Legacy

Icepir8: Application, Core programmer, Video plugin programmer for 1.6.x Legacy

Contributors: Hacktarux, Quvack, Nekokabu:, Kimbjo, Squall-Leonhart.

Greets to:

bodie, Gorxon, Clements, Trotterwatch, NES_player4life, Pixi and all our friends and users at emutalk for thier help and support with Project64’s development over the years. We Thank You

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