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iQue Games Preview

Sneak Preview of iQue Games running on Project64 1.6.1 Legacy

Project64 Legacy Open Beta

RadeonUser has made a post on The Project64 Dev Forum about the Open Beta. Release.

To see the full post head over to the forum by clicking on the image above to go to the thread.

HSV Adventure Racing on 1.6.1 (Legacy)

We are really happy to show:

HSV Adventure Racing working fully without core issue on Project64 1.6.1 (Legacy)

Prior to Legacy this was Beetle Adventure Racing/HSV Adventure Racing Status:

core PAL versions (E)/(A): RSP unstable (SP DMA errors, crashing in rsp.dll, unhandled opcodes etc), no fix known, use the (U)/(J) NTSC ROMs, those seem stable.

For more information and a video, head over to the DevBoard Forum post.

Click on the Above Image to go there.


TR64OGL-v10 and AziSound 0.70-WIP8

I would like to show you the fantastic work both Icepir8 (TR64 OGL v10) and Azimer (Azimer's Audio v0.70 WIP8) have been doing  in conjuction with 1.6.1 Legacy. The following videos below are "to just simply say stunning.and amazing" An understatement.


Banjo Kazooie

Mario Kart


Mobile Friendly Site

I have just spent all day making a new and more 'Mobile Friendly Site'

The reason was Myself, Rad and Wit spend most of our time deving with eachother via mobile and danm the last one was terrible for mobile phones lol. Anyway i hope this is much better for you, no matter what browser or device you may be on.

Click on the image to see full size from my mobile phone.

Cheat Search Function:

Gent just posted on the DevBoard about the exciting new cheat search system allowing the user to search, enable the result for effect and save to cheat database.

For more information head over to the board and check out the video by clicking on the image above.

Mario no Photopie on Project64 1.6.1

Mario no Photopie running on Project64 1.6.1

It is so nice to have Mario no Photopie running on Project64 1.6.1 with Jabo 1.6.1 graphics plugin and  looking very nice.  we just had to share this sneeky peek at it with you.

For more information on this go to the Sneak Peek Video Section

CellPack OOT 2011 On Project64

CellPack OOT 2011 On Project64
Christmas was a very special one this year in the shape of two presents to the members of emutalk from Djipi by offering them his projects:


Which can be found On the Emutalk Thread Merry-Xmas-OOT-2011-and-MM-2001
Both a Work of art and both very much appreciated.

We have attached a Video of the OOT Introduction and some in-game play for your delight.

Thank you Djipi and a very merry Christmas from
The Project64 team

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