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Project64 v1.6.2 (Legacy) GameFAQ

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Here you will find game specific information and possible work arounds and alterntaive fixes.

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The "GameFAQ", as we call it, is a help file which contains answers to common questions, and lists of major known issues, about the emulation of specific games in the N64 emulator Project64. It only applies accurately to one version of PJ64 - this file is for v1.6.2 "Legacy"

The User Manual goes into much more detail about the configuration and options of Project64. It is a seperate document, please see Help > User Manual.

The Project64 application and plugin FAQ, which covers general questions about the emulator not relating to specific games, is available seperately online.

This GameFAQ does not cover issues that result from your failure to meet the Project64 system requirements (please read the User Manual for details).

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